Ife ro uncdodge
Type of feat: Class

Prerequisite: Barbarian 2, Air 1, Rogue 4, Assassin 2, Dwarven defender 2, Shadowdancer 2, Shadow Thief of Amn 2, Sacred Fist 6

Required for: Improved Uncanny Dodge

Specifics: The character retains his Dex bonus to AC, even if caught flat-footed or attacked by a hidden or invisible creature.

Use: Automatic


Uncanny Dodge is not upgraded to Improved Uncanny Dodge if a character with the feat gains it again from another class.

As of v1.23, Uncanny Dodge is not working. The NWNX plugin xp_fix allows to correct this. Realms of Trinity uses this fix.

Uncanny dodge also grants a +1 to reflex saves. This bonus counts towards the 20 to saves maximum.

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