Lore allows a character to identify unknown magic items and can represent general knowledge and trivia a character has learned.

Modifying ability: Intelligence

Requires training: No

Check: A roll against an unidentified item’s value to determine magical properties that the item may possess. Occasionally it may be used in conversation to express knowledge and gain an advantage in the conversation.

Special: Bards & Harper agents can identify items more easily due to class knowledge feat.

Use: Automatic (every time the player inspects an item), Selected (conversation)

Gameplay NotesEdit

This skill increases your chances of deciphering someone talking in a language that your character doesn't know. There is a 50% chance of automatically failing. The skill check is currently the following:

Lore Skill + d20 > 60

If the comparison is true, then you have succeeded in translating what that the person said.

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