Type of feat: Class, Epic

Prerequisite: Bard Songs 20, Song of Requiem, Perform 30

Required for: None

Specifics: Your Song of Requiem now also heals all party members. The amount healed is the same as the damage caused by the Hymn and is divided among all party members; the minimum amount healed per ally is one-third your Perform skill.

As long as you have 17 bard song levels, this ability at Epic Relevel 2 will instead heal a minimum of half your perform skill. By Epic Relevel 4, Hymn cannot heal any less than your full perform skill. Note that prestige classes that have taken a spell casting progression other than that of a bard do not count towards the required 17 bard song levels. Additionally, the Epic Relevel progression does not include the damage dealt to enemies, only the healing effect.

Use: Selected

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