Crossbow, heavy
Type: type Weight: wt
Dmg Type: Size: Medium
Critical: 19-20/x2 Damage: dmg
Feats: feats
Found: ???


The heavy crossbow is the largest hand-held launcher of its type, and is favored by militia groups for its durability and ease of use. It is deadlier than its smaller cousin, but also more cumbersome.

Note: Although the heavy crossbow's size is medium, even medium sized characters must keep their off-hand free to reload it. Crossbows can only fire three bolts per round maximum and it requires both Rapid Reload, and Rapid Shot (doesn't work on crossbows without rapid reload). However all crossbows have the lowest value (determines the Item Level Requirement) jump when adding Massive Criticals and a 17-20 critical threat range (better crit range than bows) with the appropriate Improved Critical feat.

Crossbows only have a x2 crit multiplier, while bows have a x3 crit multiplier the reduced Massive Critical cost in terms of Item Level Requirement more than makes up for this fact. Furthermore a character with 26+ BAB will fire these three shots at the highest AB of their six attacks, slightly offsetting (with better accuracy, higher base damage, and better criticals) the rate of fire superiority on regular bows versus high AC enemies which those three extra attacks are very unlikely to hit at all.

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